To Video or not to Video, that is the question!!!

Hello and thank you again for stopping by our site!  As mentioned in the above title, the question that we often receive is, should I invest in a videographer or no.  To our amazement, many couples as well as other clients often say that they are not going to video their event or special day, because they are going to save the money and just have a photographer.  So, as a team we have discussed this many times, with a goal of always giving our clients the appropriate advice.

What we have collectively concluded is this.  Hiring a photographer is an great investment and we absolutely feel as though it is a necessity.  Having those still pictures and candid moments caught on film is priceless, as those moments most likely cannot be duplicated.  But, imagine this scenario…..You get married, have a wonderful day and now you have so many pictures to look back at in remembrance of that time.  Then one day, you and your mate have an disagreement and words are being said, anger is in the atmosphere and you have a brief thought of, why did I marry you in the first place??  Then, one day when your just sitting around, you pull out your photos and begin to reflect back on that special day.  Can you imagine that….It is pretty great right?  But then as you are looking, you begin to say to yourself, if I could only relive that day one more time.

That scenario brings us to this….  You could never turn still photos into a live video, but guess what, you can always turn your live video into photos.  Mind blowing I know!!  Our point is, we are in no way saying skip the photos and just record.  However, what we are saying from personal experience and from lots of feedback from our clients, is that having that video to view and help you relive that time as though it was happening all over again is a wonderful thing.  Now, of course, we do not wish for anyone to have an argument or what not, but life is life and that day only happens once.  Even in the happiest times such as, your anniversary, valentine’s day, or any time you just want to see and hear yourself, your mate, your friends and family, live and all dressed up, your video will always be there.

Now, If by chance you cannot afford both a videographer and photographer, we recommend choosing video or asking your family and friends to all take photos, or gift you a photography package.   Even if that is not possible, don’t be concerned with not being able to have still photos, because most videographers can assist you in turning those special moments into wonderful still shots.  And of course, we are always here to help, as we do not leave our clients once the day is done, but welcome them to continue to reach out to us in the future.  Happy Planning!!

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