Wedding Budgeting…. Let’s Talk

Wedding Budgeting…. Let’s Talk

Hello Again, Romney your wedding and event specialist here.  So, I wanted to post just a bit about wedding budgets and the fact that we all should have one.  I have been in the event industry for many years and I have worked with so many blushing brides.  Brides with big budgets from Daddy Warbucks and Brides with the, this is what we have budget.

At EDEM, I really pride myself on the fact that I understand,  not everyone has a $50,000 budget!  Some may only have a $5000 budget, but to me it does not matter.  I truly feel that every bride should in some way, be able to have the wedding of their dreams.  Now, that being said, let’s get real.  When I do my initial consultation, I always have to ask an invasive question, in a non-invasive way.  We all know what that is….What is your budget??  It’s funny because I can always tell those that have Dad’s credit card and are ready to swipe, versus the average couple that is working and whose parents will help them some, but they have to be reasonable in their choices.  My personal opinion??….  After planning many weddings, parties and other events where thousands of dollars were spent, I am one that would say, Hey, don’t spend your money based upon what others think you have, spend it based on what you all know you have!  In other words, don’t be trying to be all super fancy for a few short hours that may make or break years to come.

Be wise, even if you do have someone else’s money to spend, why do it?  I mean honestly…..  One fatal mistake that a lot of couple’s make, is that they start calling all of these different vendors just out of excitement, paying deposits to quickly, without taking the time to consult a professional.  The misconception is out the gate, most think they can’t afford companies like mine, but in reality, in most cases it is far more attainable than you think.

So, what is my advice you ask?  Well, first things first.  Be excited about your engagement and then sit down and talk.  Be realistic, upfront and honest about your money and what you are BOTH comfortable spending.  Talk about it as if there is no one helping and then if someone does offer, it is a welcome surprise.  Second, seek out a professional, like my company.  The consultation is free, so do yourself a favor and just do it.  Use that time to run your ideas by me, pick my brain, ask what you think are dumb questions.  I guarantee you, it will be THE BEST decision that you will make, that is after saying yes, for my lovely ladies.  But seriously, be wise with your choices and remember, the wedding is one day and it is NOT about the wedding, but really about the marriage and union that is becoming and the life that you all will have to live together, learning to become one…

With that…..Take Care, Be Well & Stay Wise

Your Planner, Romney

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